Year in Pixel – first sneak peek

As mentioned in my last post, I did start a sort of journal this year after seeing this nice tweet that a friend sent me:

Now some days / weeks have passed and it’s slowly starting to fill up! That’s why I wanted to give a little peek into how it looks so far:

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My Resolutions for 2019?

There are none and let me explain why.

Setting resolutions starting at the first of the new year is something that I don’t like to do. In fact I don’t like to say “I start this next week” or “I start this next month” or similar.
To me, if you want to change your habits, why wait until day X to start? Why not start right away? Delaying a habit change to a later date already proves to me, that you don’t want to change your habits.

However if it’s something that is depended on the calendar cycle and doesn’t involve a change oh habit, then I’m totally fine with a “resolution” or similar.

Therefore I did not set any habit changing resolutions for 2019 starting at the 1st of January. But I did start a very simple journal where I note how my day and night was. Just to see if my health and mental health is doing fine.
I didn’t have that idea myself but got it from this tweet here. I’ll post my calendar in a few days when I have some data on it already and will also show what I did for “night” tracking.

And I did start to do some more exercises, but not on the 1st of January. I did start this already earlier because I thought “Hey, let’s start now”.
And I also started to eat a bit “healthier”, not on the 1st but earlier as well.
AND both of these I did keep up until today. Not as resolutions, just as new habits ;D

New Shonen Jump Schedule ICS Calendar

With the new Shonen Jump from VIZ, a lot of people asked for some sort of calendar or schedule list that would show them when all the WSJ manga would be released.
VIZ quickly responded and created this basic table with the upcoming releases:

However what I needed was something that I could add to my calendar and see it alongside my other important appointments. That’s why I made this ICS Calendar you can easily download or subscribe to with your favourite service!

The entries are still very basic. The calendar currently updates every 12 hours with the list from the viz website.
It surely will need some more tweaking until it works perfectly. I’m thinking about the new year change that probably will mess with the entries and such XD So sorry in advance!
And if you have a suggestion what else I shall add into this calendar, then let me know in the comments below!

Also who knows, maybe VIZ will make their own ICS calendar if they see this? *wink*

New theme in the works

As you may noticed, I did change the look of the website a little. There was an unused theme laying around on my hard drive that I payed money for (yes that happened) and I thought let’s install it!
It’s not yet fully finished. There are still things I don’t like how they look right now, but the theme is very very adjustable and I’ll keep adjusting until I’m satisfied.

On other more personal news, Birthday yesterday is over and now I have to remember to always answer questions about my age with 30 ….. oh well, it happens XD

Holidays are coming up, which means I too will have some days free of work. I’ll see what I can achieve during these days. Stay tuned! 😀

Something I was trying out lately, reaction “icons” with my actual face!!
More to come!! 😀

Update – WordPress 5.0 and new Theme on the way!

These days, WordPress 5.0 will be released and with it a new theme that I would also love to use for the website. I just wanted to give a heads up, that things will change here soon XD

Just a fun fact, a bit more than 30% of all websites on the internet run with WordPress. Meaning these days, almost a third of the internet gets updated!! Of course that’s not quite true, as not everyone will update ;P But a lot will! So a big update is about to hit the internet these days! And only a few people actually know that XD You do too now :3

☆ The more you know ☆

Update 07.12.2018: Installed WordPress 5.0 and the new theme now. While I will be able to get used to WordPress and the changes that I see so far, including the new editor, I’m not sure I’ll use the new theme twentyninteen <_<;
Too much about this theme doesn’t work yet or is just horrible! What were the makers thinking when they created it?!
Oh well, gotta test out all the other nice new stuff now!

The end of tumblr?

You probably have heard that tumblr is about to lock away a lot of content and that multiple blogger are looking for alternatives.

I as well am affected of course and I did post on my tumblr pages where else you can find my artwork yet already. Here I want to just repeat myself again and give you the links to my other webgalleries and social media accounts:

Or obviously here on this website! 😀

New Webhoster

You didn’t get that many updates from me lately because for a long time, I could not reach my websites anymore or they ran with really poor performance.
It was not the first time that happened. Constantly since about a year I was struggling with my websites. I was even paying more for a bit stronger servers, yet the software on the servers seemed to be too old and full of bugs.
Now I had enough and I’m now slowly transferring all my websites to a new hoster. So far, the ones that are on the new place are working without problem and I’m looking forward to the day when I can cancel the old hosting service.

Means, I should now be able to provide you with more updates 😀
Let’s see~

I guess no #inktober this year

My schedule for October this year is really tight. Mostly work related tasks that require lots and lots of time and perhaps even staying at hotels to be on time on the next places. Additionally I’ll have one week of school/training with exams at the end that I don’t want to fail and will have to study a bit in the evening. Not to forget I’ll also be away a few weekends for music making… and and and…
All that together sadly makes it impossible for me to participate in this years #inktober challenge. MAYBE I’ll draw one or two pictures now and then.. but not like during the last two years where I successfully finished the 31 days. This sadly won’t work this year. I’m really unhappy, yet I cannot change it.

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Eidgenössische Tambouren und Pfeiferfest 2018

Update: Click here for a story what happened at the festival as well as pictures and more suff! All in German tho XD

29th of June to 1st of July I’ll be in Bulle for the “Eidgenössisches Tambouren- und Pfeiferfest 2018”, or in English the “Swiss National Championships in Drumming and Piping 2018”! (not the official translation, I’m not sure that there actually is one).

More people than ever will be taking part in it. In the solo competitions are around 850 participants in 16 categories. I’ll have to prove myself against 128 other drummers for a top stop in my category.
Altogether, with group competitions, there will be up to 4000 drummers and pipers! It will be a loud but very lively event again!

As mentioned, I’ll also do solo competitions. Mine will start 09:36 and 09:56 on Friday the 29th. Of course I hope I’m good enough to make it into the finals that will be held on that evening but I doubt it so far.. I still need a lot more practice and the other competitors will be strong as well!

On Saturday we’ll have the whole group in Bulle for the group competitions and later in the evening parades, as well as on Sunday with the major parade around the town.

I’ll keep you up to date on everything on my twitter account @Miingno in case you’re interested. Also I’m in charge of the accounts of my drum group the Crazy Drummers here on twitter, facebook and instagram – although they are in German and not English ;D But feel free to follow as well 😀

It will be an amazing competition again and as always will only lack one thing in the end: sleep ;D